The association

ABRA is the connecting link of families with history
and winemaking tradition in our region.

ABRA was created in 1990 to provide an associative and representative response to the wineries of la Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa.

After 30 years of history, the nearly 100 wineries that make up the association are a reflection of the region and of the strength generated by the union of the sector.

Its aims and objectives include: Sectoral and institutional representation/ Promotion-commercial actions/ Communication/ Creation of strategic projects, R&D&I/ Consultancy/ Training.

ABRA’s areas of action

ABRA carries out different types of activities aimed at a wide range of sectors:


    Institutional Representation

    The ABRA Winery Association will carry out representation tasks before the institutions for the benefit of all the associated wineries.

    Promotion of Innovation and New Technologies

    Development of activities in Innovation and New Technologies.

    Training Support

    ABRA carries out wine tastings and training courses for different institutions (schools, companies, etc.).

    Development in new sector developments

    ABRA works actively in the promotion of new developments in the wine sector.


    Attendance at state and international fairs and events

    The ABRA Winery Association attends the most important national and international fairs in the wine sector, with the aim of disseminating the Rioja Alavesa wine culture beyond the region.

    Marketing Activation

    It looks for new commercial opportunities for the associated wineries.

    Territorial Dissemination

    ABRA promotes the Rioja Alavesa wine brand throughout the territory.

    Mediation in R+D+I (Research, development and innovation)

    It serves as a mediator between the associated wineries and R+D+I development companies in the wine sector.

    General Advice

    It serves as an advisor to the various wineries belonging to ABRA in the different fields in which it operates.

    Professional training

    It gives the wine professional a different perspective.

    Agreements and collaborations with other multi-sector companies

    It establishes agreements and collaborations with other multi-sector companies with the aim of promoting Rioja Alavesa wine.

    Promotion Support

    It supports the promotion of both its wines and its wineries at all the events it attends.


    Information-fluid communication

    It carries out a continuous information activity on the Rioja Alavesa wine culture through the means at its disposal, written media, audiovisual media, website, Internet 2.0 channel (information and communication posts on social networks), sending newsletters and internal management (through the Intranet) with the associated wineries.

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