Se The town of Elciego dates back to as early as 1067. It is characterised by its civil architecture, with numerous emblazoned buildings such as the Palacio de los Acha, the Casa de los Hierros and the Casa de la Venta. Its church of Saint Andrew stands out for its unequal Renaissance-style towers.

The main altarpiece is Baroque and has an important Renaissance choir that houses an organ that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.
In the centre of the town is the Plaza Mayor. Here we find the eighteenth-century phenomenon of the opposition of a civil building (Town Hall) with a religious building: the Chapel of the Virgin of the Square, with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Other hermitages, already in the surroundings, are those of Saint Vincent and Saint Roch. Today Elciego is marked by continuous growth in infrastructure and for being the place where the famous architect Frank Gehry designed an important project for the Marqués de Riscal wineries.