A winery with deep-rooted family traditions that has managed to combine the appropriate techniques for the production of its wines.

With careful pressing of the grapes and the traditional carbonic maceration, Gómez de Segura has achieved a wine with the desired colour and aroma.

Nowadays, the third generation of the family is in charge of producing and marketing their wines with grapes from their own Laguardia vineyards.

The orientation of the vineyards and the microclimate of the area ensure that the winery’s harvests are excellent year after year.



Red variety that makes up 90% of our vineyard. The grapes are harvested at the beginning of October. With long, hanging clusters, this grape has very pronounced shoulders. Its must produces quality wines thanks to its balanced alcoholic richness, colour and moderate acidity.


White variety whose clusters are winged, hanging and large. Its wines are of moderate alcoholic strength, smooth, balanced, fresh, with a characteristic pale colour and fruity aroma.


A very old white variety with large, loose bunches. Its wines are personal and aromatic, with a greenish-yellow colour.  The most suitable method is used for the production of each wine.

We produce white, rosé and red wines under the Gómez de Segura y Finca Ratón brands.

El Campillar, 7 · 01300 Laguardia · Tel: 945 60 02 27 ·

Email: info@gomezdesegura.com

WEBSITE: https://www.gomezdesegura.com/es/