Founded in the 10th century as a defence of the Kingdom of Navarre and with a Charter since 1164. It preserves the medieval urban layout, surrounded by the walls that give it a special charm, with two important churches at each end with clear signs of fortresses

Among its streets there are stately and civil houses such as that of the fabulist Samaniego, Casa de la Primicia, and the old Town Hall from the 16th century, among others.
The church of Santa María de los Reyes offers among other things a magnificent façade from the end of the 14th century, later polychromed, as well as a high altarpiece of great quality. At the other end of the town, the church of Saint John the Baptist brings together several artistic styles that began in the Romanesque period and ended in the 18th century, with a magnificent organ. The town has been declared a Monumental Heritage Site. It is recommended to visit, in the vicinity, the archaeological site of the Iron Age settlement and museum of La Hoya and the Laguardia Lagoons, a protected biotope that includes three wetlands.