• Bodegas Ondalán is the fruit of a long and solid family tradition, linked to the wines and vineyards of Rioja Alavesa, since 1889.

In 1976, Mr. Julio Martínez-Bujanda founded Bodegas Ondalán, with the aim of producing unique wines, born from the fruit of his own vineyards, and each with their own unique character. Over the years, his sons Fernando and Enrique have dedicated themselves to the vine cultivation. They have maintained the Bodegas Ondalán project as a living testimony to the essence of the “terroir” they received from their parents.

The original name has been maintained. This name projects their values and their way of understanding a job well done: the Ondalán brand is “the winery that seeks to make the perfect wine (onda) with work (lan), the circular, complete wine, the round wine”.

Today it is Enrique Martínez-Bujanda’s attention to detail and consistent care of his own 55 hectares of vineyards. We work with passion, the essence of the “vigneron” (winemaker) that comes from our grandparents, a viticulture that respects our natural environment. We approach each vine and each cluster with traditional tillage, adopting organic and sustainable guidelines to ensure the greatest care is taken.

Bodegas Ondalán’s attention to detail can be seen through their wines. Each wine expresses a unique emotion: the freshness of the Blanco (White), the joviality of the Joven (Young) wine, the serenity of the Madurado en Bodega (Aged in Winery), the fidelity of the Crianza, the singularity of the Reserva, the elegance of the 100% selection Tempranillo and the exquisiteness of the 100% Abades Selección Graciano.

Ondalán wines are special, destined for people who wish to distinguish themselves through the exceptional, the perfect, the rounded:

Ondalán… a range of authentic wines.

  • Facilities: concrete tanks, stainless steel, French and American oak barrels.
  • Production:  Varieties: Tempranillo, Graciano, Red Garnacha, Mazuelo and Viura
  • Wines:  Red and white wines
  • Founded:  1976

Ctra. de Logroño, 22    01320 Oyón-Oion (Álava)