The main objective is to ensure that small and medium-sized producers can compete on equal terms in the wine sector.

Vitis is a wine purchasing centre that aggregates the demands of many wineries to generate negotiation volume and offer better prices and service conditions.

It has important agreements with all kinds of suppliers, giving associated wineries greater purchasing capacity and reduction in time and costs.

VITIS associates have the support of the large group that makes up the Central Purchasing Office. Through the centre, small, medium and large wineries are able to improve their competitiveness, which is something they would not be able to achieve on their own.

The main aspects that help to improve improvement are:

  • Cost reduction in materials and contracted services
  • Access to exclusive markets, products and suppliers
  • Better positioning in the market and its area of influence thanks to the advantages and exclusivity obtained with the supplies.
  • Savings and optimisation of the purchasing management process
  • Optimisation of inventory management
  • Access to the group’s information and therefore a clearer and more accurate view of the market and its trends.

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