To talk about our winery is to talk about us, our family, our dreams and our history.

It was in 1987 that we came across these rugged lands and old vineyards, sheltered by the extreme cold of the Sierra de Cantabria (Rioja Alavesa), facing south, with the sun as our best ally: a unique and privileged environment in which to create Bodegas Zugober.

The family has grown and our children share our passion for the land that has watched them grow.

At Bodegas Zugober, the wines are created from the land and are processed on-site. On several occasions we have asked ourselves if it was us who chose this land or if it was that land that had chosen us. And the best tribute to this terroir is to ensure that each wine expresses the estate where it is born, its soil, its age, its altitude, the sun and the wind. Our wines: Belezos Ecológico, Finca Zarzamochuelo, Sierra Carbón, and Finca La Malgranda.

This experience also led us to reflect on the dilemma, tradition or modernity, which has always accompanied the DOCa Rioja. With time, we’ve been able to resolve this dilemma, allowing the old and the new to coexist and evolve and improve our processes. Classic but modern wines, personal yet traditional wines, wines that harmonise barrel and fruit, elegance and character. Rioja Alavesa origin, and with originality: our Belezos and 50/50.

Contact us:
Tejerias Kalea, 13-15,
01306 Lapuebla de Labarca. Araba
Tel.: +34 945 62 72 28